Видео: DEGEN DE13 Solar Short Wave Radio DEMO

Are You Ready For The Worst? Degen DE13 Survival Radio Review

You hate it when you have an emergency. You grab your radio or flashlight and the batteries are dead! We've all had this problem ...

Degen DE13 AM FM SW crank up emergency radio

The Radio Geek takes a look at the DEGEN DE-13 AM/FM/SW flashlight crank up radio.

Degen Radio 333 unboxing and test

I unbox and test my new Degen 333 pocket radio, which I will be trying to use while watching live sporting events.

Degen DE16 Solar / Crank Rechargeable SW MW FM radio review

A full review of this Degen DE16 rechargeable solar SW MW FM radio. It will also charge your mobile phone.

DEGEN DE13 Shortwave radio QUICK LOOK!! R#19

Just a quick look at my DEGEN DE13 emergency am fm shortwave radio. Love it!!

ITT Junior 28A

Radio degli anni 80 costruita dalla Schaub-Lorenz Germania, utilizza 10 semicoduttori (transistors) e Riceve in OM e FM, molto ...

Degen DE 321 electronic gadget am fm shortwave radio

Cool little portable radio for AM FM and SW listening for less than $20 shipping included.

Emergency Radio

I talk about why get a emergency radio and why its important to get something that has AM and SW as well as FM.Kaito ...

Tivdio HR 11W Camping / Emergency radio first look

You can get this radio here: US:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074DT6ZT4 UK:https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074PN36NW ...

Kaito KA888 | Survival Frog Gear Reviews

This review describes a radio that comes with all the gadgets you need for any emergency situation. Great for all outdoor activities ...


TIVDIO V-11S FM Stereo, AM, SW, MP3 Player from Retevis. Great Radio for Emergencies, or for everyday. Too many features to ...

EBL Dynamo And Solar Powered Radio And A Surprise!

This is a neat little radio, the EBL Dynamo And Solar Powered Radio. What's the surprise? Watch and find out! If you would ...

DEGEN DE13 FM Hand Crank Radio Dynamo Solar Power Stereo Radio E-524433

DEGEN DE13 FM MW SW Hand Crank Radio Dynamo Solar Power Emergency Radio Portable Radio FM Stereo Radio DEGEN ...

Radio Degen DE13 en Tucumán-Argentina

Funcionamiento de radio Degen DE13,radio de cuatro bandas,linterna,baliza y varios modos de carga.

1987 Realistic Flavoradio

I have had this little radio since new. It was my first radio when i was ten. it still works fine and is in great condition. The model ...

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